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Three Minor Cosmetic Procedures That Could Improve Your Self-Image

7 June 2018
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Whenever discussing the possibility of cosmetic surgery, it is important to remember that the most important thing is how you view yourself. If you feel perfectly comfortable in your own skin, then you should never feel  pressured into changing your body by people you know or by a supposed ideal body image the media portrays. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable about an easily fixable part of your body, then it is absolutely fine to want to make a positive change for your self-confidence. Read More …

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Losing weight but not being trim

I always thought that once I lost all of my extra weight I'd be able to proudly wear a bikini. However, I didn't factor in the extra skin, and now I've lost 58kgs but still look terrible in a bikini. All of the extra skin on my abdomen, legs and arms makes me look like I'm melting in the sun. It's a reminder of how far I've come, but I'm ready to shed my old skin and become the babe I've been planning to be. This blog is about the reality of skin removal after extreme weight loss. I hope it's useful wherever you are on your journey.