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Compelling Reasons to Consider an Eyebrow Lift

16 August 2017
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When people are considering cosmetic procedures to restore their youthful looks, an eyebrow lift is not the first option that they contemplate. However, despite being one of the underrated enhancements that you could choose, it does have the potential of dramatically changing how your entire face appears. Thus, if you would be looking to refresh your facial features without undergoing extensive surgery, you may want to consider getting this cosmetic procedure. Read More …

Managing your pain when you get an eyebrow tattoo

7 July 2017
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While eyebrow tattoos use light and fine strokes for tattooing, which minimises pain, they are also on a very sensitive part of the body and people who are sensitive to skin sensation can find them painful. If you are someone with a sensitive face it can be a good idea to take some simple steps to minimise the discomfort.  Talk to your tattooist Before you have the tattoo it's a good idea to have an initial appointment so that you can meet the tattoo artist, explain your desired shape and ask any questions, such as whether you can use ice on the area before handing, or numbing creams. Read More …

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