Managing your pain when you get an eyebrow tattoo

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Managing your pain when you get an eyebrow tattoo

7 July 2017
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While eyebrow tattoos use light and fine strokes for tattooing, which minimises pain, they are also on a very sensitive part of the body and people who are sensitive to skin sensation can find them painful. If you are someone with a sensitive face it can be a good idea to take some simple steps to minimise the discomfort. 

Talk to your tattooist

Before you have the tattoo it's a good idea to have an initial appointment so that you can meet the tattoo artist, explain your desired shape and ask any questions, such as whether you can use ice on the area before handing, or numbing creams. Also, being less stressed can help to lower your perception of pain.  If you chose to take any oral medications or numb the area this is an important fact for the tattooist to know so that they can make any adjustments to the process and monitor any minor bleeding appropriately. 

Get a good night of sleep before your tattoo

Getting enough sleep is an important part of managing pain and some studies even suggest that the advantages of enough sleep can actually outweigh the effects of medication in terms of medication in some cases. It's an easy way to maximise your comfort during your eyebrow tattoo. 

Plan some distractions

A good way to deal with pain can be to have some distractions. If you think that you might be going to be sensitive or squirmy during the procedure it can be a good idea to bring something relaxing to listen to, such as listening to your favourite podcast or tunes on your smartphone. While your tattooist might chat to you if you aren't wearing headphones, few are offended if you explain that you will be listening to music to distract yourself during the procedure if that's what you need. In fact, they'll be much happier with you listening to music to relax than squirming and moving around during the tattoo as that makes the job of getting an even and delicate eyebrow tattoo much harder!

If you are concerned about how to manage discomfort during an eyebrow tattoo it is especially important to find a tattooist that you trust. Having a good relationship with the tattooist should ensure that you have the most comfortable procedure and maximises the chance of you getting the perfect tattoo. 

For more information or assistance, contact a local tattoo artist.

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