Permanent Makeup: Understanding Eyebrow Tattoo Techniques

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Permanent Makeup: Understanding Eyebrow Tattoo Techniques

8 January 2016
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The eyebrows are prominent features on the face, so their appearance will affect your general facial aesthetics. Therefore, you should be diligent in ensuring that they are neat and visually appealing. There are different methods that you can choose to enhance or improve the shape and colour of your eyebrows. The common methods include threading, tweezing, shaping and colouring with a brow pencil.

Unfortunately, most of these techniques are time-consuming because they require constant retouch. You can resolve this problem by choosing eyebrow tattooing. This is a permanent makeup method that shapes and colours the eyebrows for a prolonged period. While the effect will not last forever, you will not need to perform frequent retouch. Here is basic information to help you understand the main eyebrow tattoo techniques.

Eyebrow Feathering

The eyebrow feathering tattoo technique is popular because it emphasizes on enhancing the natural appearance of the eyebrows. In simple terms, this method will mimic the style of your original brows, and the tattoo design is customised according to your unique facial features. Generally, your beautician will use the hairs in your eyebrow area as a template for the tattoo.

A hand tool with some thin needles will be used to create fine strokes that mimic and complement natural eyebrow hairs. An anaesthetic is administered during the procedure to limit your discomfort. Finally, a coloured pigment with hypoallergenic properties will be incorporated into the skin to define the eyebrow colour. This technique is ideal for both sparse and relatively thick eyebrows.

Powdery Filled Technique

The powdery filled method is suitable for you if you have relatively good eyebrow hair but dislike the maintenance tasks. This is focussed on shaping and enhancement, as opposed to forming the eyebrow 'hair' from scratch like in the feathering alternative. The beautician will fill in or thicken your eyebrows, depending on the desired aesthetics. A hand tattooing tool is utilised in the filling process, and soft or dark colours will be utilised to create uniformity if there are uneven gaps apparent along the eyebrow line.

3D Eyebrow Technique

If you have little or no eyebrow hair, you should consider choosing the three-dimensional tattoo technique. This popular method is designed as an alternative to block colouring, and it presents a more natural appearance after completion. The tattooing process will involve the use of specialised tattooing needles which can create delicate but varying hair-like strokes. Soft and dark shades of complementary mineral pigments will be used alternately to fill strokes together for a natural, three-dimensional appearance of the eyebrow tattoo. 

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